Nuclear-tipped ground defense missiles (GDMs) are cheap but deadly defenses for underdeveloped worlds. Each GDM site
GDM complex
 contains a single missile, which is expended on use.

build time: 4 watches

minimum tech level: atomic (3)

Upgrade to: hypersonic missile complex?

Strategy notes:Edit

GDMs vulnerable to mass swarms of Vangaurd-class explorer ships. Here is a table listing fights between Vanguard Explorers and GDMs. No other ships were present.

ancedotal battle results
Attacking Vanguards Defending GDMs result
2600 20 Vanguard slaughters GDMs
~2000? ~600? VGs win, ~13k left
1500 900 VG remain: 730 GDM remain: 230 attack fails

Stinger-class jumpships will shoot down GDMs. ~300 Stingers defeated ~1300 GDMs with negligible losses.

Adamant-class jumpships appear to outrange GDMs competely.