Stinger-class jumpship
damage: 4

range: 10

armor: 8

missile defense: 2

speed: 50 light-years per watch


Planetary attack

Having a missile defense of two the Stinger-class jumpships are a good method to destroy GDM silos in far greater space force strength than expected. Around 3000 of them can easily dispatch 12000 GDM silos and likely even more due to the single missile removing the GDM silo from use. They are also effective against planets only defended by Hypersonic missile sites but need to be more evenly matched in force strength to not suffer too high losses. The ship type can also take on HEL cannons and autocannon constellations but will suffer high losses even when the force strength is well in favor of the attacker. (TODO: Describe efficiency against higher level planetary defences.)

Ship-to-ship battle

(TODO: Describe ship to ship battle efficiency... Likely good against missile based ships)